Fire Curtain

Fire curtains, smoke curtains, and fire and industrial shutters are becoming popular additions in newer homes and buildings, to increase fire, safety and security measures. Whether you purchase a home with these already built in or are having them installed, you must be sure that you purchase them and have them installed by a company that is affordable and reliable. You also want to be sure that any fire safety equipment you have installed is up to date and meets the current fire and safety legislations.

There is a United Kingdom based fire curtain and fire shutter manufacturing and installation company that can help you with all your fire safety and security needs, if you live in their service area. They have been manufacturing and installing fire safety equipment for more than three decades. Some of their bigger projects include the Bloomberg Building and Wembley Stadium. They have also installed fire and security equipment in many schools and hospitals throughout the UK.

The name of the company is A1S group. All the fire curtains and fire shutters that they manufacture and install meet current British regulations as well as other fire and safety standards. All their equipment comes with a 12-month guarantee. This company only manufactures equipment that meets the highest levels of fire protection and security. They are members of the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF). If you live in the UK and are interested in protecting your home or building against fire or criminals, then check out their website today.