Pflastersteine Reinigen

Do you have paving stones on your walkway or in your yard? They make a lovely addition to yards and walkways, but they also require constant cleaning. Whether they are dirty from natural wear or have received weather damage they will need a good high-pressure cleaning. You should not try to so this yourself but rather find a company who is known for Pflastersteine Reinigen, or cleaning paving stones. If you live in Germany, there is a stone cleaning company that cleans paving and other stone surfaces.

The company SteinRein, created in 2011, provides stone and other cleaning services to most German cities. These cities include, but are not limited to Ausburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich. The company was started by a stonemason, Tobias Lepschy. He ran the business by himself for a while, only cleaning and treating natural stone surfaces. Almost ten years later, his company has partnered with other companies to offer a variety of services and cleans and treats many kinds of stone including brick, concrete, natural, artificial and paving stone.


SteinRein employees know that thorough cleaning and the proper treatment of stone surfaces will preserve their life and it can last for many years. They also know that different techniques are needed to clean indoor and outdoor surfaces. The techniques that they use include brush cleaning, mechanical stone cleaning, shot peening, high pressure cleaning and advanced cleaning. If you have a stone surface that has been damaged too badly to clean, they will restore it or completely renovate it. Visit learn more.