re you planning an office party, wedding, gala or other event soon

Are you planning an office party, wedding, gala or other event soon? Would you like to feature a bar? Then you should consider a Mobile Bar Hire from Mr. Flavour for your event. Mr. Flavour has offices in Birmingham, London and Manchester and serves these areas and the surrounding areas.


Mobile bars are great choices for events because they are 100 percent customizable from the drink menu to the staff that fixes and serves to the way everything is served and presented. Also, with mobile bars, you don’t have to purchase any supplies, set up anything or clean up and put up. All of this is included in the services and will be done for you! Some of the mobile bars you can order through Mr. Flavour include cocktail bars, dry bars, smoothie bars, juice bars, milkshake bars and nitrogen ice cream bars. If you and your friends are interested in learning how to make your own cocktails to put on a party later, they offer cocktail masterclasses. For nondrinkers, or family friendly events you can order a mocktail bar. If you are interested in a bartender that will put on a show and a bar that will provide drinks and entertainment, then you can order a flair bartending show.

Another service Mr. Flavour provides is Wedding Planner Cheshire services. If you want your special day to be exactly as you have always dreamed but without you going mad planning it in the process, then you should hire a wedding planner. These professionals are the best in their field and will work with you to bring you the wedding of your dreams.