Convert Powerpoint to PDF Online

How to Convert PPT to PDF

PowerPoint offers the best solutions when doing a presentation, whether showcasing a proposal or a project, PowerPoint slides can come in handy. They are quite easy to create and simple to use how to save ppt as pdf on mac. However, its use it only limited to machines that have MS PowerPoint installed already.

To get most out of PowerPoint presentations, then you may resort to conversion to pdf format This will make your slides universal and can be shared to anybody without the need to install Microsoft PowerPoint. Moreover, pdf is the universal format when it comes to matters printing.

So how do you convert PowerPoint (ppt) to pdf?

Convert using PDF converters

There is several free and paid ppt to pdf converters that are quick and simple to use. They also provide additional features to users such as customizing the pdf appearance, document protection, converting ppt files in bulk and many more. These converters can be categorized into three groups: Online Converters, Desktop Software, and PDF printers

  • Online Converters

Online conversation services are platform independent, and this makes them a better solution for Linux and Mac OS users. Interaction with these tools is simplified as the user is only required to drag and drop the ppt file or to upload it to the servers. However, most of these online tools usually have a limit size that can be converted to pdf. Also when using these services remember to remove the file from the site once converted because not all platforms remove them automatically.

  • Desktop Software converters

Most of this software is not free, however, you can take advantage of the trial period which is limited for a short time. Desktop converters are powerful than online tools as they offer a variety of additional features. These tools can work either as add-ins in PowerPoint or as independent programs. Take time to explore these tools so that you can enjoy the powerful set of options available.

  • PDF Printers

Some converters do work as virtual printers, which means they can be accessed by clicking on the print command in PowerPoint. These tools also provide an option of changing the settings like page size modification, orientation and even the quality of the file. Before converting to PDF format play around options so as to master the tools.

Using PowerPoint to convert ppt files to pdf.

The quickest way of converting a ppt file to pdf is using PowerPoint itself. Just before I take you through the steps of conversion, don’t forget to first save your slide as PPT so that it would be possible to make changes to the file later on.

The easiest way is using the Save As choice:

  1. Look for the File item on the menu bar, and go to Save as.
  2. Select PDF (*.pdf). This option is located on the drop menu.
  3. Finally, Click Save.

The next option is using This should not be confused with online converters tools. That said, it is also good to point out that this option is available in PowerPoint 2013 and 2016. So if you using previous versions there are some alternative options available later on.

To convert ppt file to pdf format in MS PowerPoint 2013 and 2016 or using PowerPoint Online, follow these easy steps:

  1. On the Menu bar go to File tab and select Export.
  2. Choose the option Create PDF/XPS Document, then proceed to Create the PDF/XPS
  3. On the popup window, type the name of the file if you would like to modify and choose a location for saving.
  4. At the Options area, you can alternatively choose to configure the presentation’s appearance before saving it as a pdf file format.
  5. There is plenty of options which you can select according to your preference.