How to use Fortnite’s new pirate cannon — Fortnite Guide

Season 8 of Fortnite is simply getting commenced, and the most important in-game addition so far is the new pirate cannon.

To use the pirate cannon, players have to tug it around with them. But when they get it wherein they need it, they could take purpose at a goal and fireplace from lengthy distances. The cannon ball, the only way the cannon can do harm, does a hundred harm to gamers and 50 to everyone within the surrounding location, and breaks maximum systems in only one shot. livestream overlay

The cannon’s other ammunition that it is able to hearth is … You. If you want a brief escape, or need to chase down a fleeing enemy, you can climb up into the cannon and fire yourself off in the direction of the horizon. Being shot out of a cannon doesn’t do any harm to you, so it might be an awesome way to get down a mountain in a rush as well.

This heavy and unwieldy weapon replaces the purchasing cart as Fortnite’s primary one-participant vehicle, in addition to the Stormwing aircraft, the only other vehicle that still served as a weapon. While it may be very strong, in particular in lengthy-range fights, the usage of the pirate cannon does depart players very at risk of opponents, in order that they’ll should be cautious when they choose the moment to load and hearth the weapon.

The different chance that the cannon gives is one in every of positioning. If you’re the use of it to release yourself throughout the map, it’s an amazing idea to recognise where you’re going to land before you get there. If you shoot yourself into a crew of enemies, it is able to not be clean to get returned out.